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Huge Boost in Site Speed and
Valuable Insight Discovery
with Configured Analytics

Sojourn Solutions



increase in
Core Web Vitals



of data collected
accurately in GA4



Donzens of insights
identified to
improve traffic
and conversions



Sojourn needed a boost in site speed and core web vitals to give their users a better site experience and help them optimize for Google. Additionally, they needed Google Analytics 4 set up and help sifting through all the data to generate valuable insights and recommendations on improvement.

What We Did

Sojourn Solutions Vitals Improvement


First, we applied the Gazelle platform to do some clean up on some site speed and security issues. To improve speed even more, we applied custom enhancements to the backend of the site, including optimizing the load of their chat feature, to boost their site speed by an enormous 490%.


We then had a look at the major goals of the site and detailed out a Google Analytics 4 deployment plan that would cover these important conversion events. After deploying GA4 as well as the rest of our analytics suite, we sifted through all the data, heatmaps, funnel analytics, form analysis, screen recordings, keyword opportunities, and generated dozens of recommendations. These actionable insights targeted removing friction points on the site, improving form conversions, making funnels hyper-relevant to visitors, improving SEO rankings, and getting more user-intent optimized content on the site.

Our Portfolio and Client Results