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Interactive, Dynamic
Data Visualization
Pages to Increase
User Engagement

Qwoted Dashboard Live



increase in
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Data intensive
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THE PROBLEM needed an improvement in site speed, security, and Core Web Vitals for their marketing site. On top of that, the user-oriented SaaS platform was generating a lot of data that could be used to glean important trending insights for reporters and PR agencies. It was difficult given the size and complexity of the data to sift through it all, make sense of it, and create useful insights that could then be presented in a meaningful and engaging way to their users and prospective customers.

Our Results

In addition to several internal data tools and efficiencies developed by our Data Science consulting arm, Data Crunch, We build out two public-facing, data-driven web pages to increase engagement and highlight the depth and breadth of the data Qwoted has available, increasing engagement. To boot, we increased site speed and Core Web Vitals by 373%.


Qwoted Radial Chart

We sifted through the enormous amount of data on Qwoted’s platform while asking the questions—what insights would Qwoted’s users find interesting and shareable? What insights would they find valuable and actionable? How do we display these insights in a beautiful, engaging way that builds the brand?

From that the Qwoted data dashboard was born. It combines elements of an art gallery with the functionality of a clean UI, all tailored for user engagement, social sharing, and additional user sign-ups. Some features of the data dashboard are:

  • Clean, pre-loaded social sharing buttons to help get the message out
  • Actionable items for users highlighted with a free sign-up offer, and overall industry trends
  • Valuable connections for Qwoted’s user base are highlighted in trend, radial, bubble, and indicator charts

Add the fact that the entire experience is filterable to be hyper-relevant to the user, and you have an engaging and highly relevant page to increase brand strength, user-base, and goodwill with the Qwoted community.

We designed an algorithm to look through the most important success signals on the Qwoted platform, and rank users based on their achievement in each measure. Combining this dynamic ranking with descriptive data elements about the topics each user writes about and their firmographics, we developed an appealing awards page highlighting the great work the top 100 users are doing on the platform, including easy social share buttons to increase engagement.

Qwoted Top 100 Live

Our Portfolio and Client Results