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Comprehensive WordPress Optimization Services


Our SaaS + Services Delivery Model is the Most Cost Effective and Efficient Way to Optimize Business Critical WordPress Sites.



Free-Range Gazelle

  • Track all core web vitals (240 readings per day)
  • Auto-identification of easy site speed fixes
  • Early access to Gazelle Speed Labs features


Gazelle Core

  • Immediate and dramatic increase in site speed and security (from the Gazelle platform automations and expert tuning by our engineers)
  • Professional maintenance and updates by the Gazelle platform and team of engineers
  • WordPress optimized hosting for 250k+ visitors / month with a 99.9% uptime
  • Weekly in-depth core metrics reports
  • Assigned account manager



Gazelle Growth

  • Gazelle analysis suite gathers thousands of data points (Includes GA4, heatmaps, screen recordings, form analysis, friction points, funnels, keywords, traffic, competitor analysis, and more)
  • Assigned analyst team watches all the data and brings specific insights and recommendations to you every month
  • We grow your traffic and conversion rate based on the data and your strategic initiatives

On-Demand Super Heroes At Your Service


In addition to the Gazelle subscription tiers, our expert WordPress team can be leveraged on demand for any additional major or minor WordPress projects.

Developer Level 1 Team Services


  • Web page builds that can be done within a builder
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet optimizations
  • Article posting / blog posting
  • Landing page and form setup
  • Additional goals, analytics, and report configuration in GA4


  • Installation and checking of additional tracking scripts
  • Image animations
  • Basic website edits and updates that can be done in the WordPress/Themify/GUI interface
  • Keyword research
  • SEO and competitive research


  • PPC setup and management
  • A/B and multivariate page testing
  • Article posting
  • Additional Plugin uploading and setup
  • Account and project management
  • Basic troubleshooting of site issues

Developer Level 2 Team Services


  • High-end and advanced design work
  • High-end and advanced page builds requiring custom code
  • Custom theme development
  • Custom plugin development
  • Advanced troubleshooting of site issues

Developer Level 3 Team Services


  • Headless WordPress development (absolute fastest speeds available)
  • VP of WordPress oversight on custom builds and deep technical functionality

Writing Team


  • Article research, writing, editing, image selection, SEO optimization, and posting
  • Landing page, PPC ad, and site copywriting