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Become a WordPress Gazelle PARTNER

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Six Reasons to Become a Partner

Grow your business with a new managed service

455 million websites use WordPress. Grow your business by offering a managed service for the platform.

Earn Recurring Revenue Commissions

Helping us get the word out is meaningful work. We offer recurring commissions for the lifetime of the contracts you help bring on.

Align your brand with A quality product

Our customers love us. Improve your brand by aligning with ours.

Retain more of your clients


Gazelle helps keep your client’s business healthy and keep you top of mind. Retain more clients.

Reduce Cost of Your Gazelle Services

Get your Gazelle service at a lower cost or for free.

Promotional materials and partner badges

Advertise with exclusive creative pieces from Gazelle.

Who Should Become a Partner?


Marketing Agency

Your client’s website is core to their marketing success. Make sure it’s optimized so your efforts create more value.


Content Creator/Influencer

If you are writing about business, marketing, WordPress, websites, or related items, Gazelle is a perfect fit for promotion. Solve your reader’s problems and earn recurring revenue.


Business Consultant

Offer your clients a solution that is easy to implement and works. Most WordPress sites are poorly managed and are a great opportunity for business improvement.


WordPress Agency

Do custom WordPress work? Make sure all of the background and manual processes you don’t want to deal with are running smoothly and your client’s sites are secure.


Gazelle Customer

Using Gazelle and want to spread the good news? Earn rebates on your own installation as you help friends get their site optimized.


Executive Coaches/Advisors

Executives are always looking for force multipliers, and Gazelle does that. Give them the chance to drastically improve a part of their business that probably needs more attention.


Apply to Become a Partner Ambassador Today


Welcome to WP Gazelle!

We love our Partner ambassadors

  • Get a partner kit
  • Get tracking links
  • Get access to marketing materials
  • Get access to the partner partner portal
  • Get support from our team