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Animations and Splash
Page Functionality with
Analytics Insights




increase in
Core Web Vitals



of users read
the entire
splash page



Donzens of insights
identified to
improve traffic
and conversions



Hospital IQ needed a better non-coding toolset for their team to be able to make edits and updates to the site, without a full-scale redesign of their theme. Additionally, they needed assistance building out a splash page, an events area, and a substantial amount of carefully timed updates to their site.

What We Did

Hospital IQ Splash Page


We made some configurations and did some training so the Hospital IQ team could edit the pages as they wanted. We applied our Gazelle technology and added some customizations to boost site speed and core web vitals by 150%. We added our technical, design, and animation expertise to a critical splash page that was in flight, and took it live to the result of having 50% of visitors read the entire page (it’s a really long page).


We built out the events section of their site, and made several critical updates in a time-coordinated way so the site didn’t go down and visitors wouldn’t have a negative experience. After installing our complete analytics suite, we looked through all the data, heatmaps, funnel analytics, screen recordings, keyword opportunities, and more to generate dozens of recommendations. These actionable insights targeted removing friction points on the site, identifying key areas for A/B testing and microPPC campaigns, improving form conversions, improving SEO rankings, and getting more user-intent optimized content on the site.

Our Portfolio and Client Results