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Site Restructure and Redesign
to Achieve Increased Lead

Data Crunch Training



increase in
Core Web Vitals


Core Vitals score



Increase in closed deals



Data Crunch was scoring low on Core Vitals even though it was optimizing well in Google search. Additionally, the site was targeting too many different audiences and didn’t have a strong focus on an ideal customer profile, causing lead capture to be extremely low.

What We Did

Data Crunch Training Results

Our Results

We applied our Gazelle technology and process to Data Crunch to first increase the vitals score and achieve a top score of 99/100. We also took a look at the target audiences of Data Crunch and made updates to the site focus. We reworked the offerings to packaged, targeted offerings instead of generic ones, and created an Insights splash page that was pivotal in converting visitors to leads.

We further split out a significantly different customer profile to a completely new site, This was a completely new site, built and designed from the ground up for that specific ideal customer profile. When launching a micro-PPC campaign for testing, this site converted visitors to leads much more efficiently than the less targeted original site.


Splitting out a sister site to target this additional customer profile helped lead flow and visitor targeting and relevance.

Our Portfolio and Client Results