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Overcoming The
Greatest Business
Challenges Within
The Wellness Industry

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increase in
Core Web Vitals



increase in
conversion rate






Due to substantial issues with site security, site speed, and a declining market interest in their main product, 7 Company required a complete overhaul.


Down in revenue versus prior years

Down in profits


Reduced ad spend by: 50%
Middle of funnel lead 6.6% 10.6%
conversions increased from: 4%
Lower funnel lead 12.5% 71.4%
conversions increased from: 58.9%
Bottom of funnel lead 0% 22.2%
conversions increased from: 22.2%
Leads to sales conversion 0% 9.5%
rate increased from: 9.5%

How We Did It

What if your business was slowly becoming irrelevant?

That’s what happened to our client. In a world of fads or looking for magic quick fix solutions, are your products and services truly evergreen.

Or have user preferences and trends changed, without you knowing, leaving your business behind?


Our clients had built their business around Ideal Protein, a weight loss protocol that was previously very popular.

However, as new weight loss methods became popular, Ideal Protein began trending downward at an alarming rate. At the point we began working with our client, it was almost irrelevant.


Finding an evergreen niche

Who are you selling to?

When there is a disconnect between what you are selling and who you are selling to, all marketing and sales efforts are in vain. Use data to answer questions like:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Who is your actual audience?
  • What can you offer them that they are wanting?

Data we analyzed

Audience is mostly women in their middle age.


Specific health concerns for this demographic

We discovered that a major wellness concern for women in the 45 – 65 age range is menopause – particularly how to combat menopausal weight gain.

We confirmed that this would resonate with her audience through reviewing testimonials where menopause was mentioned, and through audience surveys.

And because women will always go through menopause this is a topic that will never trend out – our evergreen niche.

Data-Driven Advertising Spend Reduction

Before working with WP Gazelle, client’s financial paying over $2.00 per click on paid ads without attaining any new customers.

This was unsustainable. We adjusted keywords and targeting to drive leads and reduce ad spend.


Confused customers don’t buy

The very first thing we noticed about our client’s website was that it took a long time to load, had outdated design elements, and wasn’t easy to navigate.


WP Gazelle gives client site a modern makeover

Our client’s users appeared to be having trouble finding pages due to confusing navigation. When we converted our client’s website hosting to the WP Gazelle platform we:

    • Performed a complete overhaul of their website using moderndesign elements
    • Updated their website navigation making pages easier to find &added search bar
    • We made it as easy as possible for customers and future customers tofind and order products and services by creating a full client portal
7 Company
7 Company

Most Companies Stop There… but Traffic Doesn’t Equal Leads

They do solid ad targeting work and maybe a site redesign, but that’s where it ends. Yet, even if you find the perfect niche, offer the perfect product, and advertise with low rates and high engagement, it means nothing if your website can’t convert visitors into leads



of companies don’t have
a process for improving
conversions on their


spent on conversions for
spent on traffic

Optimizing for conversions can dramatically increase leads

We were generating traffic but we weren’t generating leads or new business. The data showed us that initial improvements weren’t enough, and we knew that fixing conversions – even small tweaks – would make a huge difference.


Start With Technical Factors



Pay Attention to User Behaviors and Adjust for Intent



Create a Content Funnel and
Optimize Each Step

Oftentimes, we expect prospects to visit our site and convert directly to a lead, but they may not be ready for that. Breaking those steps into a funnel helps you understand where people are at and how best to move them forward to conversion

Here’s what we did and the results we drove for our client


Pay attention to the unexpected, including Google algorithm updates

After implementing all of the aforementioned changes, with great results, our impressions and traffic drastically dropped in May 2021. We were unable to bring impressions up to what they had been, despite our best efforts.

Then, in September 2021, they were suddenly hit again with another drastic drop in traffic


Pay attention to the unexpected, including Google algorithm updates

Our findings

In August 2018, Google rolled out one of the largest search engine algorithm updates to date, the Medic Update, which primarily affected organic rankings for health, fitness and medical websites, as well as the financial industry. Because of this update, many companies’ website rankings plummeted, and companies saw a drastic decline in site traffic.

Health sites decimated by Google

Change in Google search visibility from 4/15/2018 – 8/15/2019 using data from Sistrix and Ahrefs.

Tracking these things can help your website win

There’s more data available than you might think. We reviewed some of the sources we’ve looked at to help us understand the market and audience and optimize marketing performance.

We looked at:

  • Google Trends and Answer the public for search and intent data
  • Mailchimp to get demographics on the email base
  • Google Analytics to track website behavior and the marketing funnel
  • HotJar to understand specific user behavior and interests
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads data to optimize marketing spend
  • Google Search Console and other SEO tools like Moz and Ahrefs to understand SEO and keyword information
  • Google Core Web Vitals to understand site speed and technical SEO factors
  • Public research from Search Engine Journal and other sources to understand Google algorithm updates and understand how to overcome impacts from Google Medic and EAT updates

Tracking these things can help your website win

We want to provide you the tools and approach so you can do it yourself. But, we also know it’s a lot, so here are 3 options:


Option 3



WPGazelle was made for the companies that need another option. WPGazelle is a full-service Wordpress Hosting and data analysis solution that has proven success helping businesses: rank on the first page of Google, increase web core vitals, and increase leads and conversions.


With WP Gazelle you are still in control of your own ship. We take care of everything for you while you monitor everything from the command center at a glance – monitor and control factors for speed, security, SEO, analytics, conversions, and mor



We also have a world-class super hero support team for any questions or help you may need along the way.

Our Portfolio and Client Results